At The Root

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  • Q&A With Joyce Omondi

    “I feel like we’re finally learning to appreciate that what we have, who we are and how we look like is enough and beautiful. I love that more people are embracing their natural hair and we are redefining our standards of beauty for the better.  Even when you look at the star ingredient in Uhai’s hair collection, Baobab, it’s a superfood from the African continent. There’s so much that we can offer the world as individuals, as a country and as a Continent. So it’s exciting to see us lead the world in appreciating and returning to our roots.”
  • Uhai Unveils Joyce Omondi as Kenya Brand Ambassador!

    We are proud to announce our new  partnership with Joyce Omondi, a well-known Kenyan gospel singer, songwriter, T.V. Host, content creator and entrepreneur. Uhai and Joyce will collaborate and work together with respect to the distribution, design, content, promotion, and marketing of Uhai’s award winning haircare products in the Kenyan market
  • All About Hair Growth

    There really is no such thing as instant hair growth. Your hair will not just grow 6 inches overnight regardless of how much rice water you dip it in. What you can do however is to take steps towards improving your diet and caring for your hair. These will set you on the right track to growing long and healthy hair.