At The Root


  • 3 Types of Oils We Know Your Hair Will Love

    If we were to take a poll or conduct a quick survey, you would see that it would be nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t use at least one oil product in their hair care regimen. Oils are essential and they contain many benefits for the hair.  From olive oil to coconut oil, baobab oil, o...
  • Uhai Hair wins Allure Best of Beauty Award!

    We are very excited to announce that we are the recipients of the Beauty Expert award from Allure Magazine. Allure is the dedicated beauty expert that focuses on skincare, beauty, makeup, as well as beauty products and tips.
  • Q&A With Joyce Omondi

    “I feel like we’re finally learning to appreciate that what we have, who we are and how we look like is enough and beautiful. I love that more people are embracing their natural hair and we are redefining our standards of beauty for the better.  Even when you look at the star ingredient in Uhai’s hair collection, Baobab, it’s a superfood from the African continent. There’s so much that we can offer the world as individuals, as a country and as a Continent. So it’s exciting to see us lead the world in appreciating and returning to our roots.”